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Our Services


First (no charge)

A quick evaluation of the article 

You will receive advice on how to improve your manuscript.


Second (prices)

1. Suggestions concerning the structure of the article, the presentation of your work and written language. Editing in ways best suited to the style of scientific journals.

2. Unlimited re-editing according to your preferences.

3. Help in finding the right journal for your article.

4. Full English language check – proofing and good style.



1. Help with article revision after you receive reviewer feedback.  

2. Help in writing the reviewer response letter.

Scientific Editing and Writing Service 
Ecological and Environmental Sciences


Improve the chances of getting your articles accepted by top international scientific journals


We provide flexible, professional help to guide you through the publication process of preparing scientific articles in the fields of ecology, biology, chemistry, and biochemistry.


We particularly specialize in:

– agronomy, forestry or other land use.

– soil, plant or water sciences.


 See our special expertise.        


We are experienced senior researchers and science writers and guide you to write your article so that it meets the scientific standards. We understand your subject and edit your manuscript for accuracy, concision, clarity and English language. Your article will be edited both by a PhD-qualified scientist and a qualified English grammar expert.

We are senior scientists with 20 years of experience in publishing articles in high impact factor scientific journals. We understand the research process from research proposal and experimental design planning through laboratory- and data analyses and article writing to the final acceptance of the article.  We will help you with our experience of interacting with editors as authors and journal reviewers. 

We comment and edit your article with the aim is to teach you to write yourself a publishable scientific article. You can raise your own scientific writing skills to the next level.


                 Editing Service

    We offer personalised services for scientific editing and writing with the aim            
to get your article published in a reasonable time.      

                Writing Service                                                        

    We will help you, or provide detailed advice on, with writing up a scientific article    
    when you have a draft of the article written in English or tables and figures.    

                Publishing Service

    We also guide you throughout the publishing process if you require. 
    We can communicate with the journal editors and reviewers with the aim to
    speed up 
the publication process.


You can contact us via the contact form provided: or by email oili.kiikkila@ecosciedit.com

You can liaise with us until you are satisfied with the manuscript and are ready to submit it for publication.


Twenty years of experience in scientific writing,                 publishing and reviewing


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