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Quick evaluation of the article (free)

You will get:

1. A professional assessment of the possibility of getting the article published in SCI journals.

2. At least one major comment to improve your manuscript.


Commenting, editing and re-writing of your text on the level you wish.

Unlimited rounds of editing.

Help in choosing the proper journal.

Complete English language check.


Help with the revision after you get the reviewer comments as well as help in answering the reviewers' comments.

        Scientific Editing and Writing Service


        Ecological and Environmental Sciences


Improve the possibilities to get your article accepted in a high quality international scientific journal.


FLEXIBLE, PROFESSIONAL (PhD) HELP guiding you through the publication process in preparing scientific articles in the research areas of Ecology, Biology, Chemistry or Biochemistry.


The manuscript can best be:
– agronomy, forestry or other land use.
– soil, plant or water sciences.


 See our special expertise.        

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Twenty years of experience in scientific writing, publishing and reviewing.

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