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Scientific Editors

We have 20 years of academic writing and editing experience in ecological and environmental studies. We have a long and wide experience in the area of soil biology and biochemistry studies. We have conducted scientific research and published the results in leading journals. By understanding experimental constraints, we understand the experimental results as well as the larger context in which the article is being put forward. We have extensive experience in interacting with top tier journals. In the last years, we both have written up to 10 peer-reviews for scientific journals per year.

Oili Kiikkilä (Ph.D)
I was born in Finland in 1964. I completed the doctoral degree of Agriculture and Forestry in the field of Environmental Sciences at the University of Helsinki, Finland, in 2002. The thesis was entitled "Bioremediation Through Mulching with Organic Matter of Soil Polluted by a Copper-Nickel Smelter".

My areas of expertise are soil biology and biochemistry, carbon and nutrient cycling, forest ecology, soil organic matter, heavy metals and their association with soil organic matter. My samples have mostly been forest soils and waters leached from forests or wetlands. I have expertise in making statistical analyses and multivariate data-analyses of microbial community structure and chemical properties of soil organic matter. I have written 15 published scientific articles as a first author, and several papers as a co-author. 


Oili in Research Gate


Lu Min Vaario (Ph.D)



Lu Min in Research Gate


Selected articles

Soil microbial activity in relation to dissolved organic matter properties under different tree species.
Plant and Soil 2014 (377) 169-177

Properties of dissolved organic matter in peatland: Implications for water quality after harvest.
Vadoze Zone Journal 2014 (13) 7

Characterizing of dissolved organic matter in decomposing Norway spruce and silver birch litter.
European Journal of Soil Science 2012 (63) 476-486

Properties of dissolved organic matter derived from silver birch and Norway spruce stands: Degradability combined with chemical characteristics.
Soil Biology & Biochemistry 2011 (43) 421-430

In situ bioremediation through mulching of soil polluted by a copper-nickel smelter.
Journal of Environmental Quality 2001 (30) 1134-1143

Tricholoma matsutake can absorb and accumulate trace elements directly from rock fragments in the shiro.

Mycorrhiza 2015 (25) 325- 334


Tricholoma matsutake dominates diverse microbial communities in different forest soils

Applied and Environmental Microbiology 2011 (77) 8523-8531


The influences of litter cover and understorey vegetation on fruitbody formation of Tricholoma matsutake in southern Finland

Applied Soil Ecology 2013 (66) 56-60  


The effect of nursery substrate and fertilization on the growth and ectomycorrhizal status of containerized and outplanted seedlings of Picea abies

Canadian Journal of Forest Research 200 (39) 39 64-75

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