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How can I develop my writing? 
What should I write to the Discussion and Introduction?
How can I save time?
How can I convince editors?
How do I get better reviewer comments? 

Our leading thoughts are to
- develop the manuscript together with the authors and
- help the authors to become better scientific writers.

Oili Kiikkilä
PhD (2002) in Environmental Sciences.
The first author in 15 scientific articles.

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What can we do?

We provide professional help to write and develop your article in English.
We guide you to write your article so that it meets the scientific writing standards.

We also guide you through the publication process of preparing scientific articles.

We concentrate on the scientific content of the article and provide substantive scientific editing. We help you to improve the overall presentation of the research. 

Our service is flexible. You can choose the best for your needs. We comment, edit and rewrite your article with the aim to help you to publish the article.

We teach you to write a publishable scientific article yourself. With our assistance, you can raise your own scientific writing skills to the next level and succeed in publishing. 

Who are we?

We are senior scientists with 20 years of experience in doing research in Europe. We have published our own articles in high impact factor scientific journals. 

We understand the research process from research proposal and experimental design planning through laboratory- and data analyses and article writing to the final acceptance of the article.

We will help you with our experience in interacting with journal editors as authors and reviewers.

Our experience is in the fields of ecology, biology, chemistry, microbiology and biochemistry.
We particularly specialize in:
– Environmental issues, agronomy, forestry or other land use.
– Soil, plant and water sciences.

A professional native speaker English editor belongs to our team. 

Our Services

First (no charge)
A quick evaluation of the article. 
You will receive advice on how to improve your manuscript.

After this step, you can decide if you continue with us.

Second (prices )
1. Advice on how to improve your manuscript.
Major suggestions concerning
- overall presentation of the research,
- content and structure of the article.

2. Improving the written language.
- Full English language check

3. Help in finding the right journal for your article.

1. Help with article revision after you receive reviewer feedback. 
2. Writing, or help and advice in writing the reviewer response letter.

We offer flexible and personalised services for scientific writing and editing with the aim to
speed up the writing,
develop the artice,
teach you writing and
get your article published in a reasonable time.

We believe that the form is important, but the substance is even more important.
In our service, substance comes before style.

We provide support in English, Finnish, Chinese and Japanese.
The cornerstone in our work is the personal contact with letters or discussions by Email, WhatsApp, WeChat, imo etc. 

Check nine important points and improve your manuscript. 

See what our clients have said.

Substantive Editing / Advanced Editing / Professional Editing / English Editing/ Supervision/ What do they mean?
How does our service differs from other scientific editing services?
What is our Writing Help?
What is our idea?
How do we teach writing?
Can we write the whole story by ourselves? / Essay writing service
Can we do only English grammar check?
Can we do only the technical formatting?
How can we help PhD students?
How can we help with a doctoral thesis?
What do we do in practice?
Are we cheap?
Why are the prices high? 
Do we have any student price?
Is our help cost-effective?
What do we write to the cover letter? 
Can we give a certificate? 
Can we reduce plagiarism?
Writing Help aims to improve your manuscript.
Commenting is presenting criticism.
Why could you benefit from something else than English checking?
Should you write a short or a long story? Methods.
Length of the Introduction and Discussion.
Price, What do you get?
'This has been observed previously'.
Ecological scientific issues do not usually follow country borders.
What journal should I choose?
Choosing the journal: high- and low-quality journals.
How do I choose the journal?

                    Twenty years of experience in scientific writing, publishing and reviewing 
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