Clients' Comments

"Very professional, and a high quality of work. It was not just English revisions, but it was a real collaboration. Thank you for your patience and your tips on my writing style. I recommend!"
PhD student, Université de Liège, Belgium, 2017

"Dr. Oili not only provided us English language service, but also reviewed our manuscripts at the professional level, and finally improved our manuscripts substantially before submission. Of course, she also gave us valuable advice during article submission and revising."
Associate Professor, College of Forestry, Northwest A&F University China, 2017 

"Oili’s help was very valuable for improving my manuscript and for my writing knowledge. Especially, I was happy about her straight and honest advice. I appreciate very much her patient and kind support. I really recommend her service to everyone."
PhD student, University of Helsinki, Finland, 2017 

"I want to thank Dr. Oili for her services, she has edited many articles for me. Her accurate work improves the quality of our articles remarkably. She not only edits our articles but helps us to develop the presentation of the results and the article as a whole."
Assistance Professor, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia, 2017 

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