Friday, November 24, 2017, 12:11

My comments are often difficult, and they always mean more work to you if you want to follow them.

The more you can modify the text yourself the better it will be, and the more you learn. The best will be if I comment several times, and you revise several times. I will give you general comments at least twice after the first comments, in practice, always more than twice.

I hope that many of my points are the ones that the future reviewers might raise. In any case, the criticism presented is the way you can develop and improve the article. If you want, I will be very critical and try to find the aspects that can be criticized.

After commenting, I start to edit the text at the article, paragraph and finally at the sentence level. I am a native Finnish speaker and my colleague Lu-Min is a native Chinese speaker. If you want a native English speaker grammar correction by my colleague Mark, you will get that as well.

If you are now stacked with the writing, maybe I could help you to go on, if I see your texts.

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