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Our service is to help PhD students and beginners in writing in all the ways we know. Therefore, we want to say that our service is scientific writing help, instead of scientific editing or any kind of editing. English grammar check should not be our competitor, because most English editing services are, in practice, for the grammar check at the sentence level. The better and more expensive services promise to edit the text at the document level. Advanced editing at the document level can be done all at once, without any communication between the editor and the author. We aim to develop your manuscript together with you, and, at the same time, teach you scientific writing.

In general, the cheaper the service the more the correction is at the sentence level. Unfortunately, this is many times enough. I am saying unfortunately, because, in the long run, I believe that the better written articles will live longer; moreover, unfortunately, because you are not learning anything.

Everyone has a rapid acceptance for publication in mind. Although correct English grammar is many times enough, the good writing and logic give you better reviewer comments and make the acceptance easier. It is very much possible to get a poorly written article published (even with poor English), but I believe that a well-written article lives longer and will be more often read and cited.

We all want to minimize our efforts. However, in the long run, it is going to be easier if you have certain basic skills for scientific writing. These special scientific writing skills we want to teach you personally.

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