Saturday, December 23, 2017, 10:29

Our substantial editing service focuses on the substance, meaning the scientific content of the text, at the research level. We call it rather writing help than scientific editing. It is much more than editing of the text at the article level. Mostly, it is not editing at all. It is developing the article together with the authors at the research level. It is supervising in writing. Therefore, our price per word is higher than for any kind of language editing. The English language check could be done in half a day, but not our work focusing on the scientific content of the article. In most cases, I read the text several times, answer to questions and discuss with you.

I believe that using our service is a good investment for you if you are going to continue as a researcher and scientific writer in ecological or environmental area. You will learn scientific writing at the general level. Your second article will be better than the first one.

Sometimes, neither of us knows exactly how much and what kind of work that would finally be. In those cases, we could first try to make a fixed price package and start with that.

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